India Smart TV Market witnessed many changes in the recent years, companies launched a range of television featuring artificial intelligence, including Thin Q with the introduction of Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and airplay2.  There are many other innovations like high dynamic range which enable video content to stream at a wide range of colors and highlights than traditional television.

Mergers and Acquisitions:

  • LG acquired a controlling stake in TV advertising measurement start-up, Alphonso, on 5th January 2021.
  • Comcast acquired Xumo, a top streaming device on Feb 5th, 2020.

Government Initiatives:

The government of Andhra Pradesh is going to digitize its 45,000 schools by installing 10,000 smart televisions which would cost 450-500 crore.

India Smart TV Market growth takes place nowadays with smart t.v and there are also smart tv vendors. A large amount of investment takes place by media companies like amazon prime, Netflix, and Hotstar pay- tv subscribers. Due to the lifestyle and economy, the smart TV market in India is expected to grow more in the forecast period.  India Smart TV Market is based on the residential segment of the largest sector of the smart TV market in India. Now a day the lifestyle of people changing and due to this economy also changing the increase in disposable income and the population raised in middle-class families in India smart TV demand increased based on the population growth in India. The smart TV market has new technology such as thinner, power-efficient, brighter, and lighter in weight. In India, people prefer a flat screen instead of a curved screen TV as the flat screen has better visualization and they don’t face any problems like a curved screen TV creates the mirror effect and cover display. A flat TV screen makes it possible to mount the TV on the wall.

Key Highlights of the Report:

  • India Smart TV Market Overview
  • India Smart TV Market Outlook
  • India Smart TV Market Forecast
  • Historical data of Global Smart TV Market for the Period 2014-2017
  • Market Size & Forecast of Global Smart TV Market until 2024
  • Market Size & Forecast of India QLED Smart TV Market Revenue until 2024
  • Market Dynamics and Opportunities
  • India Smart TV Market Trends and Developments
  • India Smart TV Market Overview on Competitive Landscape
  • India Smart TV Market Share By Players
  • Company Profiles
  • Key Strategic Pointers

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