Europe District Cooling Market Overview

Europe District Cooling market has witnessed significant growth due to the growing establishments of large-scale commercial enterprises coupled with the increased investments in infrastructural projects in the region. Additionally, the introduction of various government norms and mandates has stimulated the adoption of sustainable technologies for district cooling systems across Europe. Governments have come up with a number of initiatives such as “RESCUE (Renewable Smart Cooling for Urban Europe)”, “STRATEGO: Multilevel Actions for Enhanced Heating and Cooling Plans”, etc. which have been successful in preparing the guidelines to assist the national authorities in the implementation of efficient heating and cooling solutions.

According to 6Wresearch, Europe District Cooling Market size is expected to witness substantial growth during 2019-2025. Germany accounts for the major share in the Europe district cooling market due to the rapid infrastructural developments in the country along with the stringent environmental regulations fostering the use of energy-efficient technologies. For instance, “COM (2016) 51 Final policy” by Europe proposes a plan towards energy optimization of buildings, thereby giving a boost to renewable energy-based district cooling systems.

The district cooling market in Europe is anticipated to register sound revenues in the coming years on the back of rising growth of the urbanization along with rising awareness of using environment-friendly district cooling systems for chilled water in households which is leading to more deployment for district coolers in the market during the forecast period. Further, rising energy efficiency and low maintenance would be the major factor driving sales revenue for the Europe district cooling market in the foreseeable future owing to strict government regulations to stimulate the consumption of less fuel cooling systems plants which would benefit Europe district cooling market garner potential growth in the foreseeable period.

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  • Europe District Cooling Market Overview
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  • Market Drivers and Restraints
  • Europe District Cooling Market Share, By Regions
  • Company Profiles
  • Europe District Cooling Market Trends and Industry Life Cycle
  • Key Strategic Recommendations
  • Europe District Cooling Market Share, By Players
  • Europe District Cooling Market Overview on Competitive Benchmarking
  • Europe District Cooling Market Size and Forecast of Revenues, Until 2025

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