Players can now feel the experience version of Madden NFL 21 before the official version is released, and the game time can be as long as 10 hours.

The early access period of Madden 21 actually starts on August 21, which explains why you may see reactions, comments and game screens on social media on weekends. Madden 21 Coins should also be available in the demo version. of.

You need to have an EA Play membership to access the Madden 21 trial version. This service was formerly known as EA Access, and it costs $5 per month, or $30 per year.

If you want to wait longer, you can start playing the full version of Madden 21 by purchasing the $80 deluxe version or the $100 MVP version-there is no time limit. This version will be available on August 25. This version also does not have any subscriptions, so you only need to pay once to keep the game forever.

If you choose to purchase the game directly, all the progress you made in the EA Play trial version may continue. EA Play members can save 10% on all EA digital content, thereby reducing the price of Madden NFL 21 Standard Edition from $60 to $54. In addition, the game will support free next-generation upgrades for Xbox and PlayStation until the game is released next year.

Madden NFL 21 has made many updates and improvements in last year's game, and also added a new arcade-style backyard football mode with skillful gameplay. For more information on Madden NFL 21, check out GameSpot’s video where we talked with producer Sean Graddy and introduced all the new content.

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