After more than two decades of annual release??, subtle adjustments and an expanding fan base, the developers of the recently released NBA 2K21 are springing up like mushrooms. It seems that this is just another addition to the long-term franchise.

At this time of the year, when the annual version of the basketball video game is released, fans are usually eager to get some NBA 2K21 MT to tickle, maybe they will use the new lineup to understand the team's performance next year.

This year, the NBA season is not over yet, in fact we have not yet reached the finals. The free agency market has never happened, and the list of NBA players for next year (or even the eventual one) has not yet been determined. If you can get a new console, it will be released in November.

Earlier this year, when we first saw NBA 2K21 running on next-generation consoles, there was not much content to write (or on the Internet). Although the NBA currently plays in empty stadiums, it does not spend much time in video games.

You can forgive NBA 2K21 for not wanting to talk about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the NBA season and the world as a whole. After all, this is a video game designed to distract us from our new lives. The problem is that the developers did not use their free time to choose to ignore COVID-19 and its related content, and compared with last year's NBA 2K20, the game is somewhat the same. To be sure, development work may encounter some obstacles due to remote work, but this can be alleviated by not participating in the game before the end of the current NBA season.

Although the video game of the sports league is very similar to its previous version, this is nothing new, but if you buy NBA 2k21 MT, there is absolutely no reason to buy a new game. Many animations are also very similar, such as the timeout cheering squad (although the funny Easter egg is that it will jump with the music you happen to hear, I don’t know how it is. Reaching the goal may be just an illusion ). Even annoyance is always there, for example, a pre-match report will make you skip the button on the controller during the game.

For some reason, you have to wait five seconds for the timeout to skip it, which has been annoying. You might argue that these add immersion and make you look like you are watching real basketball, but they are also annoying in real life. A major change actually made is not welcomed by fans.

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