Waterproof Your Crawl Space 

This is the final step of the cleaning & repairing process of crawl spaces. After repairing all the damages, you need to cover the space with an appropriate coating. There are so many vapor barrier products available in the market such as vapor block plus and polythene sheeting. You can purchase the most suitable vapor barrier products for your crawl space after consulting with an expert. Once you purchase them, use them for waterproof coating on the surface of walls and floors. If your crawl space is small in size, then you can place waterproof coating by yourself. But, if it is big in size, then you should hire an expert. Once you finish the waterproof coating part, make sure you leave your crawl space unoccupied for a couple of days for a better result. 

So, these are the five most important steps to nicely clean and dry out your crawl space. Make sure you follow all these steps. This will help you keep your crawl space healthy. 

<h3>Here are Some Benefits of a Healthy Crawl Space</h3>

  • A healthy crawl space keeps moisture and molds away from your home.
  • It keeps odor and insects away from your home.
  • It helps to maintain a temperature at your home. 
  • It passes fresh air to your home. 
  • It keeps you and your home healthy.

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